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Every Human Being is an Artist

December, 4th, 2013

Every human being is an artist. God is the Supreme Artist and we being his sons and daughters are artists as well. There are many kinds of art and some are very obvious: we have writers, singers and players, drawers and painters, sculptors, actors; but there are some artists that may be hidden: those who make us laugh without even trying only by the way they say things or those who transform normal situations of life in something laughable; we also have the architects and the engineers. So every time someone picks something and out of nowhere —as God Himself— builds something else, that person is creating. We are little creators compared to the Big Creator, but we are artists and we can be good artists if we just believe in our art —given by God— and work on it!

Everything God created is beautiful, so we too can make beautiful things. It's a gift we don't deserve and sometimes we are afraid of it, we are afraid of what we are actually able to do.
You don't make art only for yourself, that's not what is was intended to, but don't forget the first person who will appreciate your art is yourself —well, actually after God, because you would have used the gift He gave you in obedience—; you are the first one —the only one— who has to love your art (or whatever you do). What are you —what am I— afraid of, then?

Your art is what you are: art is a reflection of ourselves, of our deep inner beings. With your art you're telling the world who you are in the moment of creating that piece of art. An artist cannot be afraid of showing his/her feelings: when you're sad your work of art is sad, which doesn't mean it is bad at all; when you're happy your work transmit happiness. We use art as a means to express ourselves and as a means of making people think about what we're feeling because they will eventually feel the same. Yes, sure we can make art for art in itself but it is beautiful if we go beyond that and change the world through this amazing capacity of creating new things only by imagining them.

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